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Business Semantics Ltd is active in international standards work
for documenting what an organization is and how its management has decided that it is to be operated.


Object Management Group 

Business Modeling & Integration Domain Task Force (BMI DTF)

This OMG task force is responsible for business modeling standards such as the Business Motivation Model (BMM), Business Process and Notation Metamodel (BPMN), and Semantics of Business Vocabulary and Business Rules (SBVR).  Donald Chapin is a co-chair of the BMI DTF.

 SBVR Revision Task Force (SBVR RTF)

The SBVR RTF is currently finishing work on version 1.1 which should be available soon. 

Business Semantics' Smart Glossary SBVR tool is being used to generate the SBVR Clause 15 Metamodel and Model Interchange File that accompany the SBVR specification.

No Magic has provided Magic Draw 17.0.1 ( to export the SBVR Metamodel files (Subclause 15.1) in XMI 2.4.

JNBridge has provided JNBridgePro ( which enables the Smart Glossary to write a UML 2.4 model as per SBVR Clause 13 to the Magic Draw Java-based Open API.

International Standards Organization 

Donald Chapin is Liaison Officer from the Object Management Group to ISO Technical Committee 37 "Terminology and other Language and Content Resources"

British Standards Institute

Donald Chapin is a member of the BSI Terminology Committee (TS/1) and the BSI Delegation to ISO TC 37




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