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Our Mission

To enable the business staff of our customers to clarify, agree and record the language of their business, 
and use it to build a bridge between Business and IT

Principal Consultant

  Donald Chapin

From the beginning of his career his vision and contribution have been to ‘bridge work and systems with the language of business’.  His fresh approach using business semantics1 in their business context2 for business analysis, requirements & semantic integration maximises the involvement of business staff.  This results in the integration of the manual & automated halves of business processes, and bridges the gap between the people who run the business and those developing automated systems to support it. 

 He provides organisations with new development strategies, as well as improved capabilities for existing strategies, throughout the development life cycle.  He brings a unique balance of practice, research, improvement & teaching; business management & systems development; in both start-ups & large organisations (including 10 years with IBM).  His work in the supply chain, both as a business manager and as a systems consultant, together with his ability to define customer needs and design product & service features to match them, puts him at the centre of the customer-supplier eBusiness interface. 

These exceptional results are delivered through this unique combination of strengths.  Elicits knowledge, and helps people bring order and clarity to their thinking about business concepts and express them to others outside their discipline.  Applies exceptional insight and discernment to assess and recommend best options.  Manages by mentoring, negotiating agreement and facilitating sessions. Designs innovative improvements that build on the organisation’s existing capabilities to maximise potential through an iterative process.

1 business concepts, categories, terminology, rules, facts, data and time

2 of business documents as used in business operations and collaborative processes  


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